In conversation with people, I get a lot of questions about why someone would want coaching, what coaching is, and who can benefit from coaching. With that, I was inspired to create a video and this blog post to help answer these questions. If you have additional questions then please post them in the comments!

1- Why coaching?

We all have one life to live. If we’re not being or doing something that aligns with our values then we’re probably not letting ourselves or the world around us see what we’re truly capable of. Why postpone the life you want to live until tomorrow when you can start living it today?

2- What is coaching?

Coaching looks at where you are today and where you want to be in the future. It identifies what's in the way of you getting there, helps you change your approach so you can move the barriers, and puts you into action to create the results that you're after. Coaching creates accountability, it adds velocity, and it continuously provides clarity around your goals. It asks the tough questions, it shines the light on the things you don't want to look at, and ultimately it corrals the big elephant out of the room so you can get to work and achieve great things. 

3- Who can benefit from coaching?

Ultimately, coaching, and especially ontological coaching (coaching that focuses on the way you show up in the world, your "being"), can help anyone that has the drive to achieve, change, or get more of what they want in their lives.

Life coaching can help you tackle and close almost any gap that you have in terms of where you are and where you want to be. Some common examples include:

  • Living a more balanced life
  • Making a career change
  • Becoming a better leader
  • Starting or growing a business
  • Attaining health or fitness goals
  • Improving relationships with family, friends, colleagues
  • Getting to know one's self more
  • Identifying your life purpose and values and aligning with them
  • Having more confidence, being more authentic,removing fears, shifting beliefs
Top 3 Questions About Coaching

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