Commitment is a very powerful thing. By declaring a commitment you ultimately tell the world, and most importantly, yourself, that you are committed to doing something. That is the first step in actually achieving your goals or dreams!

This video tells my story about how I said I would hand out flyers to promote my coaching practice. In that experience, I quickly got disheartened by all the rejection that I received and was about ready to abort my flyer handing and get back into my comfort zone.

In my moment of despair and defeat, I remembered that I had committed to creating a thriving coaching practice. This reminder energized me and gave me the power to continue with my exercise of handing out flyers. I also had to change my approach to make it less painful. I decided to try and get rejecting for fun, by trying to hand the flyers out to people I assumed wouldn't want them. Every time I got rejected I won, and every time I handed one out I also won!

If you are stuck and not able to move forward toward your dreams or goals, remind yourself of your commitment and then take action that is different or take on a new approach. This will get you going again and have you moving toward bigger and better things!

The power of commitment

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