You've tried everything you know, but somehow, you just can't seem to get the break you deserve

If you're reading this, then you likely know that there is more in store for you, but you may not know what else to do to get it. The thing is, it's not about working harder or smarter, rather, it's about s l o w i n g   d o w n and looking at all the things you ARE and ARE NOT doing. And then looking at why you do them that way.

You see, everything you and I do is based on a belief system. A system that we developed many years ago. A system that was designed to help us get what we wanted and protected us from what we didn't want. A system that's out-dated.

The secret to reaching higher is in facing the friction that we avoid, and turning it into traction

When we slow things down, we get to see the friction that this system is avoiding. And in facing this friction, we can create the traction you need to step up and reach your potential. That's where your opportunity lives, and that's where the break you've been hoping for exists.


Find My Purpose

This 2 hour session is all about finding your purpose. Because reaching your potential starts with having purpose. Purpose fuels your journey and elevates your entire perspective on your career and life. Purpose sheds light and provides meaning for everything you do, and everything you've done. Living without purpose is like driving without a destination—find yours before you run out of gas.

Map My Potential

A one-day intensive. Find out all the things that stop you from maximizing your potential, develop a strategy to move forward powerfully, identify the gaps, and manage your energy so you can get to where you want to go. Perfect for those looking to make a big impact within their career in a short time.

Maximize My Potential

3-month program designed to get you to the top of your potential. Whether you're being passed-up for promotions or feel like you're just not fulfilled in your job, this program is sure to help you deal with all the friction that's in the way and give you the traction you need to confidently step up to new heights.

Let's Chat

Sometimes you just need to get on the phone and talk something through. You may have a big meeting or crucial conversation ahead. Or maybe you're about to quit your job or accept a new offer. In these pivotal times, it's always good to reflect on the situation with someone impartial. We are here for you. And the first call is on us.


I'm an engineer turned life coach with a passion for compassion and I want to help you reach higher. I want your potential and value to be acknowledged and put to good use. To do so, however, we must embrace the friction that gets in the way. We must embrace the things that stop us from reaching what we are really capable of. Because it’s not through avoiding friction that we get to where we want to go, but it’s through embracing it that we can overcome the challenges and reach our highest potential. That’s where our opportunity lives. That’s where I love to help—turning friction into traction.

I'm a trust-builder, a status-quo challenger, and a proponent of possibility. I enjoy dreaming big and I enjoy helping others do the same. I've been in that mid-level management position and experienced first-hand how my desire to avoid friction stopped me from reaching higher. That's why I decided to dive deep into the field of self development and human behaviour—so that I can help others break through the ceiling that once stopped me.

So if you’re someone that wants to get to that next level, that wants to find fulfilment in their work, that wants to break through the ceiling, then please reach out. Let's find that friction that you're avoiding and let's turn it into traction that will help you reach higher! Let's step up to the challenge and let's do it together. There is more in you to give.

Here's what others are saying...

Before working with Rabee, my awareness about my value was limited. I had been troubled by occasional doubts, frustration, and feeling depressed with my situation due to being unemployed and not having things work out. Through working with Rabee, I discovered my values from various angles. It’s a feeling of being recharged and restored after each coach session, and turned to be an inspiring push to encourage me to face challenges. With Rabee’s help, I was able to identify and correlate the transferrable skills from every part of my life, and I believe this will be a benefit to market myself in my career going forward. Rabee is like a lighthouse. He is able to get into the heart of the person, he helps, he communicates in a way that helps people find out where they are stranded and pull them back on track. During my life journey, I am so grateful for all the ‘lighthouses’ like Rabee that have guided me through. Rabee is an Angel!

When I came to Rabee, I was in a "dark place": no confidence, no energy, powerless... in working together, I was finally able to get back to "myself" (feeling confident, energetic and powerful) and felt that I'm in control. I realized how hard and critical I have been with myself…  Rabee helped me trust and love myself more. Today, I’m no longer scared to show up as truly ME and to be more passionate in my work. I no longer go to work just because I have to (for money), I go because of my purpose: to build tribes, to help people show their value, to deliver extraordinary results. 

Before working with Rabee, I was feeling lost, both mentally and with regards to my career goals. I was feeling down and unhappy. Rabee provided me with support and promoted me to myself, which was interesting as it felt strange at first, but later developed into a feeling of honesty, as he was just telling me the truth about me... I felt better about myself and had less trouble speaking up and getting my message across. My most valuable take away, however, was discovering my true purpose. Knowing this has helped me be more assertive, and gain confidence, and really, I feel better about who I am.

Rabee is an impassioned and inspiring coach, he could understand your problems fast and know how to make you understand what mind process you need in order to take charge in your path and thus achieve higher goals in life. 

Before I started working with Rabee I felt this unrest in myself.  I felt frustration and uneasiness that I should be better… I should do more.  I didn’t know what I wanted or even where to start.  I realized in working with Rabee that I am worth the effort that I put to myself, that being scared and uncomfortable means I’m learning and growing and that I am enough.  With Rabee’s support I have made personal goals that I have wanted to achieve for many years but did not have the courage to try.  Rabee is supportive but firm and he kept me moving forward.

Rabee’s ability to listen and understand what is going on for you is what makes him a great coach. Personally, he helped me get to the bottom of a lot of things that were standing between me and happiness. Moreover, it was me that was standing in my own way. Rabee was able to help me see that and give me techniques to get out of my way and live up to my full potential. I was able to see my true values and strengths and fully be myself. With those improvements in my life, I have been unstoppable ever since and I’m on my way to achieving all of my personal goals, be it fitness, relational, or career-oriented. If you’re on the fence about joining with Rabee, just trust me and take the plunge. Once he helps you see what is standing in your way, you can never unsee it. And that is the power of what coaching will do for you. Because it’s not what happens to you that matters, but how you perceive what happens to you. 

I came to Rabee needing guidance and help in increasing my self-awareness to help me with my career. Through our coaching, I felt more confident, relaxed, more focused and positive about my career prospects. My biggest takeaway, however, was believing in myself again. Rabee helped me piece all my life and career experiences together to reveal my true self.