My name is Rabee Alwan and I am thrilled that you are here!

I'm an engineer turned leadership coach with a passion for compassion. At the highest level, everything I do is focused on making the world a more serene place. One where people's value and potential are acknowledged and fully expressed - especially at work. To do so, however, we must embrace the friction that gets in the way. We must embrace the things that stop us from reaching what we really want. Because it’s not through avoiding friction that we get to where we want to go, but it’s through embracing it that we can reach our highest potential. That’s where our opportunity lives. And that’s where I love to help.

I'm a passionate person that believes in living life fully, that your strengths are your greatest assets, and that there is always a way to achieve something - regardless of how difficult or impossible it may seem!

The name "Blue Sky" represents two things that I live my life by:

  1. There is always a “blue sky”, unlimited possibility, above any storm or challenge we face
  2. Every opportunity, or challenge, deserves an unbiased and uninhibited (blue sky) effort

I completed my coach training through the Accomplishment Coaching, Coach Training Program out of Victoria. This program is an International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). I chose this program because it is considered to be the finest coach training program in the world.

I've played the coach role my entire life. I've worked with countless people, family, and friends, and helped coach them through difficult situations, career changes, relationships, life, you name it.

I am a Professional Engineer (through APEGA) and a Project Management Professional (through PMI). I worked in the Oil and Gas industry in Calgary for 15 years before becoming a full-time coach. I held various leadership roles and have also been lucky enough to go through 2 economic downturns - so you can count on me to relate to career stresses, the overall demanding business environment, and the collateral effect it can have on life and overall fulfilment.

I also ran a small software consulting business early on in my career so I've had a good amount of experience running a business, and executing the full spectrum of activities from marketing, to business development, to product development, through to customer support.

I'm married and have three kids that I'm so proud of (two boys and a girl)! I'm also a runner, a self-taught guitar and ukulele player, and speak several languages.

Needless to say, I'm easy going and easy to get along with!

I invite you to take the opportunity to contact me to get more information and explore what coaching can do for you!

Yours in partnership,