Before working with Rabee, my awareness about my value was limited. I had been troubled by occasional doubts, frustration, and feeling depressed with my situation due to being unemployed and not having things work out. Through working with Rabee, I discovered my values from various angles. It’s a feeling of being recharged and restored after each coach session, and turned to be an inspiring push to encourage me to face challenges. With Rabee’s help, I was able to identify and correlate the transferrable skills from every part of my life, and I believe this will be a benefit to market myself in my career going forward. Rabee is like a lighthouse. He is able to get into the heart of the person, he helps, he communicates in a way that helps people find out where they are stranded and pull them back on track. During my life journey, I am so grateful for all the ‘lighthouses’ like Rabee that have guided me through. Rabee is an Angel!

WL Process Engineer