Rabee’s ability to listen and understand what is going on for you is what makes him a great coach. Personally, he helped me get to the bottom of a lot of things that were standing between me and happiness. Moreover, it was me that was standing in my own way. Rabee was able to help me see that and give me techniques to get out of my way and live up to my full potential. I was able to see my true values and strengths and fully be myself. With those improvements in my life, I have been unstoppable ever since and I’m on my way to achieving all of my personal goals, be it fitness, relational, or career-oriented. If you’re on the fence about joining with Rabee, just trust me and take the plunge. Once he helps you see what is standing in your way, you can never unsee it. And that is the power of what coaching will do for you. Because it’s not what happens to you that matters, but how you perceive what happens to you. 

DC Engineer