Life Conceptual Design

One session: Create a vision for your life, understand what’s in the way, and identify the gaps between where you are today and where you want to be. Includes a life risk assessment to understand where your opportunities are and the common root causes.

Life Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

6 sessions: Includes everything in the Conceptual Design package. Start framing out your vision and start giving it shape. The end goal for this package is to provide you with enough constructs to allow you to start designing and creating the life of your dreams in more detail.

Life Detailed Engineering

12 sessions: Includes everything in the Conceptual Design and FEED packages. Work through all the stops that get in the way of your vision. Every aspect of your life is worked on to ensure that all the required details to support the construction of your dream life are accounted for.

Our Promise

The Blue Sky Promise:

Every coaching arrangement comes with the following promises:

  1. Confidentiality. We take this very seriously.
  2. To Show Up – To be available for all coaching appointments. To communicate at once any scheduling conflicts or breakdowns, and to be responsible for re-scheduling due to these.
  3. To Relate to the Client as His/Her Greatness – No matter the circumstances, the feelings that the client is experiencing, or the results that the client is creating.
  4. To listen powerfully, from a place of co-designing the life of client’s dreams, NOW.
  5. To provide access to possibility, new ways of being, and alternatives to “business as usual.”
  6. To provide a suitable and workable gradient for the Client to achieve his/her goals.
  7. To unequivocally alter the Client’s life experience.
  8. To provide tools and distinctions that add velocity and power to the areas of life the Client identifies.
  9. To be committed to the Client’s winning in life.
  10. To be available for “spot coaching” between sessions for urgent issues and breakdowns.

(*) Note: All timeframes are estimated and vary by client and life goal or objective being tackled.

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