Take a moment, take an objective look at yourself today, this week, this past year. Which Joe-Anne are you being like the most?

Hi, my name is Joe-Anne Victim. I work in oil and gas and I have no idea whether I’ll have a job next week. Every time the oil price dips I’m expecting my manager to come by and hand me a pink slip. If it weren't for those fracking shale producers we wouldn’t be in this mess and I wouldn’t have to worry about my job. And of course, with all this uncertainty all promotions and bonuses have been put on hold so now I may never get to move up. I don’t feel appreciated or recognized for all the work I do. If I didn’t do what I do then this place would have probably shut down months ago. People walk in here with terrible attitudes and just wreck the day for everyone. The morale is so low and the culture we used to have basically disintegrated. I guess that’s what happens when half the people are let go. I wonder if there are any other jobs out there. I can’t imagine trying to go through finding a new job with thousands of people competing for the same posting. I guess I should just be happy I have a job.

…. or are you being….

Hi, my name is Joe-Anne Responsible. I work in oil and gas and my job isn’t stable, however, I’ve been networking with many different people and am confident that my work speaks for itself. Every time the oil price dips, I see it as an opportunity to do things better and more efficiently - I look forward to my manger coming by so I can show her how we can be that much better. The shale producers are making it tough but it’s creating opportunity for us to make even more money in the good times if we can innovate how we do things. I believe that with scarcity comes creativity and I am driven to create opportunity no matter what the circumstance. I look for my value within and don’t need to hear how well I’m doing from others to reassure myself of anything. It’s tough to be in this environment but I don’t let it change how I show up. I remind people every day of how we are responsible for our attitudes and can change our thoughts about our environment if we choose. We are the culture we want to be - we just have to choose better. When I really think of it, my company is lucky to have me here and I’m lucky to have them.

As we live our lives, we all float between these two examples, of living as a victim and living more responsibly. The idea is to be like Joe-Anne Responsible more of the time and recognize when we’re being like Joe-Anne Victim - and doing something about it. Being mindful, taking responsibility for our part, reflecting, and being open to new possibilities will all help us recognize when we’re living as victim and allow us to do something about it before it’s too late!

You have a choice today! Are you going to be Joe-Anne Victim or Joe-Anne Responsible? Which choice will you make?

Which Joe-Anne are you being?

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