So, I was out for a run this past Friday - of course, it was a perfectly blue-skied day - and was following a trail which went around this "cliffy gully". I could see where I wanted to go, however, I had to follow the trail all the way around to get there.

This got me to thinking of how this is something we do every day in our lives. If we assimilate the "cliffy gully" to our "fears and excuses", we usually run our lives (pardon the pun!) avoiding our fears and accommodating them, creating excuses, and staying in our comfort zone. Taking the predictable, comfortable, and long red route to our goals. Sound familiar?

What would life be like if we didn't have to accommodate and avoid our fears? What if we could stop creating excuses and got right to doing that thing we have labeled as impossible? In our running diagram above, it would be like following the blue path, straight to the goal.

But wait, that "cliffy gully" is scary, and I could definitely hurt myself, or die, if I just launch off of it! Right!? Well... not necessarily, at least not in the life and goals analogy.

If you were to shift your perspective, your approach, your motivation, your way of being, you could ultimately make those fears and excuses irrelevant, a thing of the past. They become no longer. You would create a path that goes straight to your goals.

By working with a coach, you learn to create that shift, moving the fears and excuses out of the way. Achieving your goals with a velocity you haven't experienced before. You are more authentic, more powerful, you act with conviction.

So... what are you avoiding that's making you take the long way around? What are you putting in the way of reaching your goals?

Are you giving yourself the runaround?

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